Westchester Export Capital, LLC (WEC) is the world's leading automotive trade export financier, specializing in financing automotive products across the globe for business-to-business clients.


Since 2009, we have been the sector leader in providing financial support to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide that do not have access to capital through traditional banking and investment channels.


For businesses that do not have sufficient capital to facilitate customers purchasing through letters of credit (LCs), Westchester Export Capital, LLC can bridge the gap by providing access to 95% of the letter of credit value. In this way, we have enabled our clients to process more export transactions, build their businesses, and grow their profitability. 


We lend capital against irrevocable letters of credit from creditworthy banks. For our clients who have a customer wanting to pay for their imports by irrevocable letter of credit, we will fund our clients against those LCs and provide them with the capital to purchase the goods.

We fund various types of exports and provide the capital necessary for clients to sustain and expand their growth via export financing.  We offer custom automotive trade finance options that make dealing with letters of credit from international buyers fast, simple, and cost effective, allowing our clients to focus on increasing sales volume and improving profitability. 

Through our rapidly growing network of over 40 automotive dealers spanning Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East, Westchester Export Capital, LLC has unparalleled access to left-hand and right-hand drive automotive markets. Our clients specialize in exporting models including Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

With an existing buying network spanning China, North Africa, Australasia and North America, we provide clients with new sales routes on an international scale. 

Westchester Export Capital, LLC also funds exports where the customer places a deposit on the goods. Once the deposit is made, WEC fund the balance to purchase the goods. 






  • Access to vetted buyers from the US, Europe, and Asia

  • Access to large tender opportunities issued by some of the largest buyers in the world

  • Increased exposure to vehicles across local markets

  • Cost effective, end-to-end transaction servicing, including LC processing, logistics and insurance

  • Increased sales volumes and improve profitability

  • Delivery on buyers’ preferences and time-sensitive requests



  • Access to 40+ financially and commercially vetted dealers from leading parallel car trade markets globally

  • Access to sufficient capital credit lines to facilitate any size of transaction

  • Cost effective, end-to-end transaction servicing, including LC processing, logistics and insurance

  • Increased procurement volume and improved pricing

  • Delivery on local client preferences and time-sensitive requirements








Vice President of Operations: Gary Thater
Operations Manager: Lauren Macaluso 
Operations Assistant: Linda Olivia
Export Document Administrator: Elena Hanis
Director of Risk Management: Jehanara Haider
Risk Management Assistant: Akos Pajor
Risk Management Coordinator: Oliver Gulian
North America: Caren Raphael
Europe: Daniel Larkin 



Westchester Export Capital, LLC is a private lender that operates in strict accordance with the US state, US federal, and international laws, and adheres rigorously to Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client procedures.


Westchester Export Capital, LLC treats its customer information and data with the strictest of confidence and abides by its own contractually imposed confidentiality procedures. ​


To find out more about Westchester Export Capital's responsibility and governance, please contact: Jehanara Haider

Westchester Export Capital, LLC commits to best practice through its long-term membership with the leading regulators of the automotive export market.

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